DignetDays is the annual business and technology conference of DignetSoftware, where you can get a lot of information on various new technologies and new ideas in the field of business software. In previous years, we invited top experts in the field of business software but also in some related fields like finances, the dark web and similar, who had sessions and shared their experience. Participants of the conference always came from various fields and industries. This year will be the same, plus it will be even more challenging and more interesting. This is a must-attend event. We will surprise you with our ideas and professionalism, and you will leave the conference with an abundance of new knowledge!

This year, we will finally hold a normal, on prem conference. It will be our 10th conference, which makes it special so we will be especially promoting Microsoft’s and other technologies.

Our conference will be held on October 20, 2022, in Zagreb at Hotel Academia starting from 9 a.m.

Conference program

  • Panel discussion
    The contribution of business system implementation to the digitalisation of the economy
  • LS Central
    A great asset in retail digitalisation; novelties, LS SaaS – trends and benefits, LS Insight – advanced technologies in retail businesses, LS Retail cashierless store and selfcheckout
  • Dynamicweb
    Global e-Commerce solution: here in Adriatic Area and all over the globe – together with DignetSoftware
  • The classic Microsoft Dynamics upgrade – a disappearing task!
    Enhancement Plan – a disappearing expense!
  • Cloud is for you! Cloud is an asset! Here is why...
  • Hacking, hybrid attacks and business community.
    Current situation, prospects and challenges in the future
  • Panel discussion
    Future business trends: UI, robotisation, EDI…
    Conference host: Tarik Filipović

If you need accommodation, we recommend accommodation in Hotel Academia.

Use our registration code to get a Conference discount - you will receive your discount code with your registration confirmation.

The working languages of the Conference are Croatian and English, with simultaneous interpretation.

DignetDays is a non-profitable conference, which means that we do not charge any registration fee.

Nine years ago, we organized our first independent technology conference in order to get exposure and present our ideas, achievements, knowledge and experiences in the fields we operate, and from the projects we already conducted regarding the development and application of new technologies.

This 10th Conference is designed and organized to inform participants that by implementing the business software recommended by us they can increase their competitiveness, better position themselves in the market, and even reach the stars. Participant from the academic community will have the opportunity to gather a lot of valuable information and expand their technological, virtual, and practical points of view.

This Conference is not only a meeting for sharing information and knowledge, but also an effective platform for communication and cooperation between the business and academic community.

Follow this registration link and join us!


Short overview of DignetDays Conferences

10 years ago, we organized our first DignetDays with the support of the Iceland company LS Retail as the partner of the conference.

In 2014 we held our second DignetDays Conference in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The following year we organized the conference together with Metronet as the partner of the conference. After that one we organized all other conferences by ourselves.

We held them once a year, without a break. Even the global pandemic did not stop our annual technology conference as we switched to the digital format without the decrease of the number of participants. On the contrary, due to the development of technology, even more people followed our conference via the shared link, and reached out to us.

We help our clients focus on the development and innovation in their own fields and implement the most advanced and suitable business solutions so that they can survive and get better in the turbulent market competition.

In the last few DignetDays, we have focused on the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, retail software (LS Central, LS Hospitality and LS Forecourt), and BI (Strategic Companion BI Analyzer and Power BI)

Today information is priceless. As is sharing useful experiences. Join the Conference and you will get useful information, we will gladly share our experiences.

In 2020 and 2021, we had to organize the conference online because of COVID 19. Now we are finally organizing it on prem again and are directing the focus on various aspects of digital transformation. We guarantee the presence of our guest speakers, all renowned experts, and we are certain that participants will be happy with the information they obtained on the conference.


DignetDays is also an educational and networking event. This year we are very happy to welcome you at our 10th Conference. You will meet experts and managers from various industries who have knowledge to share.

If you plan to change your current ERP system and are interested in exploring something new and different feel free to schedule a meeting with one of our experts during the Conference.

You can be sure that they will have a lot of tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Business Central, LS Central and Dynamicweb’s e-commerce solution and we are sure that our panel discussions will keep you focused all the way.