Digital Transformation Vouchers

DignetSoftware has been listed in the Service Provider Catalogue within the “Digital Transformation Vouchers” framework, as a provider of digital marketing tool building services. This means that you can start your digital market race with the help of the non-refundable digital marketing voucher.

The cloud-based e-commerce solution is no longer a choice, it became a necessity – get your own comprehensive cloud-based e-commerce software solution, containing different possibilities, including but not limited to ERP solution integration.

You are only a few clicks away from an efficient solution for your webstore. Yes, it is the Dynamicweb software solution. By integrating this solution, you will not only get a “blank slate”, but also a solution that will enable you to really take off. Dynamicweb has it all, the content management function, digital marketing, e-stores, and project information management (PIM). But that is not all! It can also be integrated with global ERP solutions or operate independently, without integration. You will have a full set of accessible tools for the promotion of your products at your disposal, including the tool for customer buying habit analysis.

The insight into customer buying habits enables you to not only personalize your offer but also to quickly respond to your customers’ needs and changing trends. Dynamicweb is an excellent choice for beginners, as well as those with a far greater knowledge on sale and sales channels – it integrates everything you need!

You are just one click away, one e-mail away or one phone call to DignetSoftware away from the presentation of this comprehensive digital marketing solution.

For more information on how to get digital marketing voucher co-founding you can click on this link link.


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