Biomass for a Greener Future

Platform for optimization of bioenergy production

A set of software tools based on a mathematical model that, based on input parameters, calculates the desired outputs and the profitability of investing in this type of renewable energy.

A Biomass-based Project Modelling and Optimization Platform


The DEP platform is a tool enabling the simplification of complex, biomass-based energy production related calculations, while also enabling the customization of each individual element in the bioenergy production process. The user is able to use a simple procedure to “simulate” the production parameters and choose the best option from a set of biomass-based projects.

  • a clear and systematic calculation for biomass-based pellet/hot water/electricity production
  • strategically planed resource use
  • the potential expansion of bioenergy usage possibilities in compliance with ecological and other limitations

The user of the platform can choose several desired chains:

  • fuel, heat, and/or electricity production
  • different biomass resources

Each chain link represents a type of project:

graf graph

Several aspects of selected project quality assessment are enabled based on defined criteria calculated for each desired project type.

These criteria are:

  • energy efficiency f1 (without the dimensional value)
  • total investment in the production chain f2 (EUR)
  • fuel, heat, and/or electricity production price f3 (in EUR/ton or in EUR/kWh)
  • CO2 emission in the biomass fuel, heat, and/or electricity production chain f4 (in kg CO2/ton or in kg CO2/kWh)
  • exergetic factor of the quality chain f5 (without the dimensional value)

By using the VIKOR method with this platform, you can compare up to 5 previously described projects with the mentioned four or five criteria. The projects are ranked from the optimal to the lower-ranked options.

graf graf

Who is DEP made for? Who is the end user?


Everyone who needs to calculate affordability, investment, CO2 emission without the need for an extended previous knowledge or familiarity with the production technology. It enables making precise mathematical and technical calculations, without knowing any mathematical and calculative analysis, which is a significant improvement compared to classic engineering tools requiring the knowledge of complex mathematical syntax and calculation processes.

The fuel chain

The fuel chain is a set of elements that produce fuels from biomass, such as wood chips or wood pellets.

The heat chain

The heat chain produces thermal energy from the fuel it burns.

The electricity chain

The electricity chain produces electricity from the obtained heat or fuel.

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