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Ensure safety and traceability in seafood supply chains with cutting-edge cloud ERP software.

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Single Platform to Manage Your Seafood supply chain

Many seafood companies are using different IT systems for each part of their business. A sales solution, a separate ERP, CRM software, Excel files to manage vendors, a system for inventory management… the result? Costly integrations, unclear and inconsistent data, food safety concerns and difficulty in recalling seafood, lots of manual work, platforms that do not communicate properly, and no visibility on the customer journey.

Learn from the mistakes of other seafood companies and choose a better path for your business with an all-in-one seafood management solution in the cloud.


Get Wisefish built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

It is an all-in-one system, replacing all the separate platforms you are using now and covers all daily seafood processes promoting food safety and transparency. Wisefish is a powerful ERP solution based on 25+ years of seafood industry experience. All data is stored in one central place in the cloud, so you can keep track of your financials, sales, inventory, staff, and revenue in real time, online, across your locations and channels. 

Wisefish is a modular solution in the cloud, and which can be suited for your business.  Say goodbye to uncontrolled costs, expensive upgrades, and integrations that break down.

A modular platform that supports the needs of your seafood business

Thanks to the modular design, all the separate components work seamlessly as a single smart system, so you can manage your whole business – financials, sales, supply chain management, fishing, processing, trading, warehouse, traceability, logistics, quality and much more – all in one platform.


Do you have ambitious growth plans?

That's great! The modular architecture enables you to upgrade and expand the system without a major upgrade project.


Learn more about Wisefish seafood ERP solutions.

Wisefish together with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides business solutions that will empower your seafood operations.


Get all your seafood questions answered

Choosing the right seafood ERP software for your business can be an overwhelming experience. We know - but we can help answer your questions. Just contact us!

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