DignetDays 2023


DignetDays is the annual business and technology conference organized by DignetSoftware where you can get a lot of information on various new technologies and new ideas in the field of business software. In the last couple of years, we invited top experts from the field of business software, and related fields such as finance, dark web, and similar, and we had the privilege of listening to them conduct their sessions and share their experiences.

On this year’s DignetDays we are preparing a lot of topics: the influence of technology on sports through the development of the cloud, AI, renewable energy sources (the first independently developed solution by DignetSoftware), and the possibilities of enhancing business efficiency through EU funds.

We will peek into the connection between sports and technology. This would enable us to find out if technology changed sports, and how does technology help athletes with major preparations and protect them from injuries. Partner of the panel: Association of veteran and recreational athletes (DSVR).

Trimit is Unlocking the Future with: AI in Business Solutions Revolutionizing Fashion and Furniture.

Don’t let your current POS and bookkeeping system hold back your growth – this is the message from LS Retail epresenting LS Express - The online retail POS for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Dynamicweb has tips on what to do Faster, Better, Stronger when your clients become digitalized.

Aside from leading experts on ERP implementation, DignetSoftware also has a strong team of people responsible for the development of the DignetEnergyProject, the company’s first independently developed software solution. During DignetSoftware’s session, you will have the opportunity to discover the complex and hard challenges DignetSoftware is facing, and to meet the “strong” individuals, without whom solving these challenges would be unimaginable.

Are you ready to enhance your success and become more efficient with the help of EU funds financing? You will find out how to enhance your success and become more efficient with the help from our EU funds experts during the second panel.

You can hear more information on all these subjects on our BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER DignetDays!

Or conference will be held on October 19th, 2023 in Hotel Academia in Zagreb, and it will begin at 9.00 a.m.

The working languages of the conference are Croatian and English with simultaneous interpretation.

Partner of the conference: Croatian Chamber of Economy


Partner of the panel FASTER Process thorugh digitalization – Long life learning: Association of veteran and recreational athletes (DSVR)




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DignetDays timeline

  • DignetDays 2022

    Sutra je već stiglo
    Deseta, jubilarna poslovno-tehnološka konferencija DignetDays 2022, održana je 20. listopada 2022. pod nazivom Sutra je već stiglo! Zahvaljujući našim panelistima te predavačima na zanimljivim, kreativnim i poučnim predavanjima posjetitelji su imali prilike čuti razne vrijedne informacije i proširiti svoje tehnološke i virtualne horizonte.

  • DignetDays 2021

    Upoznajte DignetSoftware - kompaniju u kojoj sunce nikad ne zalazi
    Deveta po redu konferencija je ove godine nosila naziv Upoznajte DignetSoftware – kompaniju u kojoj sunce nikad ne zalazi.
    Kao i prošle godine htjeli smo biti društveno odgovorni te je Konferencija ponovno bila online. Na Konferenciji je sudjelovalo više od 450 sudionika kojima želimo zahvaliti na odazivu, te deset predavača kojima također posebno zahvaljujemo na zanimljivim i poučnim predavanjima.

  • DignetDays 2020

    Dignet, we have a problem!
    Glavna tema ovogodišnje konferencije „Dignet, we have a problem!“ je bila digitalna transformacija i naši su DignetDays doživjeli svojevrsnu transformaciju. Ove godine su DignetDays po prvi put bili online.

  • DignetDays 2019

    With DignetSoftware 2 the stars
    Održani sedmi po redu DignetDaysi - With DignetSoftware 2 the stars. Ove godine je naglasak na novinama koje je DignetSoftware osmislio tijekom proteklog razdoblja kao sastavne dijelove spomenutih sustava ili kao tailor-made rješenja za naručitelje. Pored navedenog, ove godine posvetit ćemo pozornost i IOT rješenjima te AI mogućnostima jer su to također područja u koja je DignetSoftware napravio iskorak.

  • DignetDays 2018

    Održana je šesta tehnološka konferencija DignetDays 2018, 25. listopada 2018. pod nazivom DignetSoftware4Future. Na konferenciji je sudjelovalo više od 150 sudionika iz 80 tvrtki, te 11 predavača sa zanimljivim i poučnim predavanjima.

  • DignetDays 2017

    Good rain is going to fall
    Dana 25. listopada 2017. uspješno je održana peta po redu tehnološka konferencija DignetDays pod geslom „Good rain is going to fall“.

  • DignetDays 2016

    Donesite dobru odluku
    Uspješno je održana četvrta tehnološka konferencija DignetDays pod geslom „Donesite dobru odluku“. Održana je 28. listopada u Arena Centru u Zagrebu te je okupila više od 90 sudionika iz Slovenije, Hrvatske, te Bosne i Hercegovine.

  • DignetDays 2015

    DignetDays 2015
    U partnerstvu sa Metronetom organiziran DignetDays 2015 u Cinestar Arena Centru. Tema ovogodišnjih DignetDaysa je ERP I RETAIL U CLOUDU.

  • DignetDays 2014

    DignetDays 2014
    Održana druga po redu konferencija DignetDays u hotelu Vidovići u Banja Luci pod nazivom MICROSOFT DYNAMICS NAV / LS RETAIL U OBLAKU.

  • DignetDays 2013

    DignetDays 2013
    Događajem koji se odvijao u petak 6. rujna 2013. godine u prostorijama Microsofta Hrvatska željeli smo našim klijentima predstaviti DignetSoftware kao poduzeće, te LS Retail kao rješenje za praćenje poslovanja u maloprodaji, ugostiteljstvu i benzinskim postajama.

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