Smart Industry 2023

Our CEO, Nermin Montel, and our Executive Partner for Development, Ivan Sivrić attended the Smart Industry Conference in Šibenik on October 12&13, 2023.

Poslovni dnevnik has successfully conducted the Smart Industry project for several years. Smart Industry enabled the connection of leading companies in the industry with the corporate sector, public administration, and prominent educational institutions. The goal of Smart industry is to stimulate research, innovation, and the digital transformation of the economy and society as a whole.

At the Smart Industry conference our executive partner for development, Ivan Sivrić, introduced DIGNET ENERGY PLATFORM (DEP), our solution for a simple and systematic approach to the use of bioenergy.

The DEP platform is a tool enabling the simplification of complex, biomass-based energy production-related calculations, while also enabling the customization of each individual element in the bioenergy production process.

If you missed the chance to hear about DEP at the Smart Industry conference you can check it out on our website.

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